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Young Clean Arthur v1.1

Young Clean Arthur; is a mod pack that aims to age down Arthur Morgan, to make him look much healthier and with considerably less wrinkles, as well as clean up his nasty dirty starting outfit, on top of that recreating his Young Gunslinger Outfit.

Young Clean Arthur
This mod contains a multitude of files, to be installed via LML, I did not make this with the intention of being installable with RAMPAGE TRAINER and I’m not going to. IF you ask why it isn’t working with Rampage, I will completely ignore you.

Young Clean Arthur, is not, and will never be, an “improved, reworked, replacement” to Arthur Morgan, it is an entirely subjective mod, to use IF you want to experience a less weathered Arthur who cleans up after himself. Honestly, if you want to come here and say it’s weird, doesn’t fit, too clean, he doesn’t even look that young, I have a location to direct you towards, press the back button and get off my mod page and waste other people’s time.

During the creation of Young Clean Arthur, I decided to integrate it’s files with those of the John Marston Restoration Project (JMRP) if you like using that mod, so that you don’t have to pick and choose due to conflicting shop_items.ymt, however I did make sure to make standalone files if for some, unexplainable reason, you don’t want to use JMRP, which leaves me questioning why you want to mod RDR2 in the first place if not to fix it’s biggest issue.

This mod cleans up all of Arthur’s starting gear, revitalising it to make sure that his opening outfit actually has some appeal and doesn’t look like he has decided to roll through Cow Dung in his spare time. His Gunslinger Shirt has a redesign, to make it a bit flashier and softer in design, his jacket is now much cleaner and brighter, his pants are clean black along with his boots, all his gear now matches in colour scheme, his bandolier buckle, his holster buckles, his spurs.

I attempted to recreate Young Arthur’s Costume from his ingame young photos, to my own personalised understanding of them, this outfit can be put together by buying it’s components at a store, though the vest will already be in the wardrobe from the start. What clothes they are will be in the MAIN FILES folder.

I altered the Winter Shotgun Coat to be a Clean Black Leather Coat, to match his hat and rest of his colour scheme.

With the shop_item.ymt I altered Arthur’s hair and beard colour to be a darker brown to match his younger photos.

Using player_zero.ymt I altered the preset outfits, so Arthur’s first preset outfit is the Young Outfit. No this doesn’t affect his wardrobe, it’s for trainers.

If there are any issues with JMRP integrated files, don’t bother Gui, it’ll have been a mistake on my part.

Included are optional files to mix and match into this mod or any other mod you wish to use, giving some new shirt colours for the everyday shirt as an example.

This mod now has 3 versions to use, its own standalone, JMRP integration, and JMRP Merged with RDO integration. All 3 versions can be used with MAIN FILES.
But not with each other. Did you hear me? NOT WITH EACH OTHER.

And please one final thing, something to understand, no the JMRP / JMRP-RDO integrations that are part of this mod are NOT replacements to GuiCorleone’s hard work on JMRP, you actually need to download JMRP to even use these integrations in the first place, they are only designed to work if you already have JMRP installed. So go download that mod if you want to experience John Marston proper for the epilogue. If you actually are dumb enough to not download those mods before trying to use the YCA integrations with them, there’s really no hope for humanity.

How to Install

Hi there, again, this is the handy dandy run down on how to install the files. It is different from 1.0, so pay attention.

Again, only designed for install via LML (Lenny’s Mod Loader) not for Rampage.

Remove all the 1.0 files from LML, before trying to put in 1.1 files, it’s the safest way to avoid something going wrong and breaking.

1. Any and All YMT, YTD and YDD files are to be placed into the “stream” folder inside your “lml” folder in the rdr2 directory. Yes, it’s that easy. No one with a brain finds this hard.

2. Any “[Optional]” Marked folder is just for any personal preferences to add to the mod or any other mod you decide to use.

3. Any “Young –” Folder is for the Young Arthur Outfit seen from the pictures of Arthur when he was much younger. (Screenshots included of what is replaced.)

4. Any “Clean –” Folder is for the Revamped Gunslinger Arthur, cleaned up and made more stylish to fit the Younger Aesthetic.

5. Don’t harass Gui or Myself if things don’t work, just calmly notify me, not Gui since I am only integrating files from Gui’s mod. In the event something has actually gone wrong.

6. Lastly, enjoy the mod, hopefully you will feel inspired to head back out east as a younger, cleaner Arthur Morgan. Have fun!

Final Notes;
“[Optional] Permanent Gunslinger Shirt” makes every Closed/Rolled and Open/Rolled Everyday Shirt into Arthur’s Custom Gunslinger Variant with the scarf in it’s custom shape too.

The Young Arthur Outfit can be purchased and put together in any store, though the wardrobe will have his vest from the start, renamed if you install item_names.

Arthur’s First Outfit Preset is now his Custom Young Outfit, when spawning him as a ped, or going through his preset outfits using Rampage or OutfitChanger (player_zero.ymt)

If you can’t get files from YCA_MAIN to work, then you need to go learn how to install smaller mods first, cause this works for everyone else.

Common Statements and Questions seen regarding this mod;
Q: whY Is thE hAT clEan hIs hat WaS diRty fRom hiS fATher???!?!?
A: Shut up, don’t install the hat if it offends you so much, this is Young Clean Arthur, not Historic Recreation Arthur.

Q: Why don’t you add this idea of mine?
A: I don’t have the time and I didn’t make this mod for it to be altered on the whims of every request. If you ask I will just ignore you.

Q: Your mod broke my game when I installed it.
A: No it didn’t, considering the fact that myself and a large multitude of people installed the mod correctly and it runs perfectly fine, you’re just stupid, go away and learn how to install mods first.

Q: Why are you so rude?
A: Due to having to deal with idiots and entitled individuals non stop and people who disrespect work you put in over long periods of time wears any mod creators patience to a wire thin. If you want me to not be rude towards you, don’t act entitled or painfully stupid and I won’t.

Q: Will this mod work with other mods?
A: If they use Shop Items.ymt, they will conflict, and they won’t work unless; 1. I get the creator’s permission to integrate it and 2. I even bother integrating it

A: You used 3 ?’s. “???” I’ve automatically ignored you, it screams you are the pinnacle of stupidity and lack of patience.

Credits: Skirish
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