Chapter 2 Cheat Save with Legend of the East

Chapter 2 Cheat Save with Legend of the East

All Satchels – All Talismans and Trinkets – And More

Skip the grind with this save file early into Chapter 2 with Legend of the East Satchel and Outfit unlocked, All trinkets and talismans unlocked, plus more! A few main story missions have been completed to unlock certain features such as satchels and the stables.

[List of Completed Missions]
1.) Polite Society, Valentine Style
2.) Americans at Rest
3.) Exist Pursued by a Bruised Ego
4.) Watson’s Cabin Encounter
5.) A Test of Faith (Only the first fossil to acquire the item for the talisman)
6.) Geology for Beginners (Completed for the item needed for the talisman)

[List of Things Unlocked]
1.) All guns are available for purchase at the gunsmith.
2.) Legend of the East Outfit
3.) Stables feature 4 horses (Turkoman, Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Mustang)
4.) Over $3000 starting currency
5.) All talismans and trinkets (Except the Bull Gator and Lion Paw ones due to story barriers)
6.) A fully discovered map
7.) All satchels.
8.) Special Edition Outfits
9.) All Reinforced Trapper Gear
10.) Camp Upgrades (Tents, Medical Wagon, etc.)

Install: Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Profiles\[Your Profile] Note: Your profile should be in the form of various letters and numbers such as A4C61054.
Paste file in there. Load save from in game

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  1. Frankie says:

    I have 2 g games saves. First you in chapter 2. With $999.000.00 million dolars,legend out fit , we whittemore outfits the outfit that wears to ball suit. And every trinket that they make online in pc and every version… all satchrls,all challges. In God mode. …. four hours still you get the Tb and then are mod his cores… his life cores theres hex codes to add to bp.esp.rax. cl. 88 plants all receipts. All online and DLC horses with the very best horse the white male braithwaits. Hourse very hard to bind but hes been. My best horse in over 2000 Arthur morgan games not 1 months on stupid on line crap.thats gay .. 2nd arthur morg as n not sick with memories..and everyone else having memory at 99% done I live rd modding my honor kill like 100 law 20 melted on fire dogs. It’s great in guarma I ran around pussed they brought me here and I slit no lie over 350 GUARMA dudes neck. Then I made it so far in GUARMA invisible. Snippets there to b ut t I kept bouncing off me…same things as f uy rstvsave guns ect. Except Arthur’s in all of it.

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