RDR2 Trapper Locations

RDR2 Trapper Locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 trappers are one of the many merchants in the game that you’ll likely be visiting frequently. You can spend a good chunk of your time hunting in the game, and RDR2 trappers are more than happy to take a majority of these hunting rewards off your hands for a good amount of money. It can be a little tricky to find these trappers RDR2 has all over the map. That’s why we’ve given a list of trapper locations Red Dead Redemption 2 has so that you can find them with ease next time you wish to trade the spoils of your hunt for cash.

All RDR2 Trapper Locations

Following are the trapper locations RDR2 map has for you to find and easily visit them the first time.

  • New Hanover Trapper: You’ll find this trapper in Roanoke Ridge, specifically in the woods.
  • Saint Denis Trapper: This trapper is in the main market of Saint Denis, but he also has a camp in one of the forests near the area.
  • West Elizabeth Trapper: To the northwest of West Elizabeth, along the lines of the Owanjila Lake.
  • Blackwater Trapper: Out of all RDR2 trapper locations, this one is the trickiest to find. That’s because the Blackwater trapper is hidden in secret. You can find this hidden trapper by going to the Tall Trees. There should be roads near these Tall Trees. Follow them until they start curving upwards to the east. You’ll find the Blackwater trapper around here.

That is all for our list of Red Dead Redemption 2 trapper locations. After you trade with them all, they’ll be automatically marked on the map, meaning you won’t have to keep finding them again and again. Just use the list once to find all of them and things will be much easier.

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