RDR2 Dinosaur Bones

RDR2 Dinosaur Bones

Red Dead Redemption 2 dinosaur bones hunting is one of many things players can do. The dinosaur bones RDR2 features are a fun, optional mechanic of the game. RDR2 dinosaur bone hunting missions require you to dig up specific places in order to locate said bones. These specific places have to found by the players themselves though, which is why the dinosaur bones Red Dead Redemption 2 has hidden all over its map are not easy to find at all. That’s why we’ve provided a RDR2 dinosaur bones map which features the location of all these bones. This map is given below, featuring more info on each specific region and the RDR2 dinosaur bone locations.

Dinosaur Bone Location Map for RDR2

Keep in mind that the RDR2 dinosaur bones can only be hunted after you’ve met Deborah. Once you’ve done this, use the Red Dead Redemptions 2 dinosaur bones location map below to find them much more easily.

  • Cumberland Forest: One of the dinosaur bones here is near Bacchus Station while the other is around Six Point Overlook.
  • Lemoyne: One of the bones here is in Heartlands Dewberry Creek, while the other is in Scarlett Meadows Dewberry Creek.
  • Ambarino: On the west side, there’s only one bone, near Grizzlies Rock Wall. On the east side, there’s one each at Grizzlies Calumet Ravine, Northern Boundary, O’Creagh’s Run, and Dakota River.
  • Heartlands: There is one each at the South Gorge, Oil Field, Northern Boundary, Cliff Face, Grassy Hill, and Abandoned Shack.
  • Roanoke Ridge: 4 dinosaur bones can be found here. Their locations are the Roanoke Ridge overlook, valley overlook, Van Horn, and Kamassa River.
  • Hennigan’s Stead: You’ll find a bone in San Luis River and another in the Pike’s Basin.
  • Gaptooth Ridge: There is one bone each in South and North Tumbleweed.
  • West Elizabeth: There’s three bones here. One in the Northern Cave. The other two in Rocky Slope and Beryl’s Dream Overlook.
  • Rio Bravo: One dinosaur bone is at Del Lobo rock, and the other at San Luis River.

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