RDR2 Cougar

RDR2 Cougar

Cougars are ferocious animals in real life, and the cougars RDR2 features are absolutely no different. Even the Red Dead Redemption 2 cougars are terrifying animals as they’re quick and can strike your character down in an instant. You have to be extra careful whenever you’re around them, especially when you have the intention of hunting these RDR2 cougars. You’ll have to face off against them sooner or later if you’re looking to upgrade all your belongings or if you’re looking to complete hunting challenges. That’s why you need to know the Red Dead Redemption 2 cougar location as it becomes much easier to find and hunt them down this way.

We’re here to tell you more about the exact RDR2 cougar locations, as these animals aren’t just found anywhere in the wild. You’ll have to go near these specific locations in order to encounter one of them. The main cougar location RDR2 has on its map is the plains that are on the west half of the map. This specifically refers to the south of Benedict Point, where you’ll find many plains. Once you go this RDR2 cougar location, you’re bound to find at least one of them lurking in the shadows, hoping to strike you.

Keep in mind that the base cougar isn’t a legendary animal, meaning that damage can easily be dealt to its pelt with powerful weaponry. That means you’ll have to use the bow and arrow in order to get a perfect pelt. Another thing worth remembering is that these Red Dead Redemption 2 cougars can definitely attack you before you attack them, so always stay on guard whenever you’re hunting them.

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