Best Horse in RDR2

Best Horse in RDR2

RDR2 horses are the only companion that you’ll constantly have throughout the entire game. They’ll be a part of Arthur’s journey from start to the credits, and its highly important that you choose the best out of all Red Dead Redemption 2 horses. There’s good horses, bad horses, and then there’s the best horses RDR2 has to offer. Out of all these best horses, the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse has to be the White Arabian Horse RDR2. This is the best horse in RDR2 because of its amazing stats, which can be improved even further. Here’s when and how you can find the White Arabian RDR2 during the story mode.

The Location of the White Arabian Horse

The RDR2 White Arabian Horse location is in the same unforgiving, mountainous, snowy region, in which RDR2’s story started in the first place. In this snowy region, you’ll find a lake which is name Lake Isabella. If you go to the west side of this lake during the day, you’ll find a beautiful white horse. This is the White Arabian RDR2 horse. Now you have to make sure that you don’t make any sudden moves.

This horse is very easy to startle, which means that you’ll have to be extremely careful while trying to approach it. Keep in mind that startling it means that you’ll almost never get a chance to tame it again, meaning you should probably create a save file in case you fail a few times. But calmly go close enough and start taming the horse and it will eventually become yours. This is the best horse RDR2 can offer you, as it is extremely fast already and gets even better as you continue to bond with it.

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