Reshade for Vulkan

Reshade for Vulkan

A guide to get Reshade working in RDR2 under Vulkan. Including a preset I made.

My first ever mod for a game. Well, actually it’s more a manual on how to get Reshade working in RDR2 under Vulkan.
I tweaked a lot to get a preset I did like myself and that is the download/mod. See the screenshots. Some effects are minimal but overall it enhances the graphics.
I have to say though that I really have no idea if it effects the game with FPS drops. I have an Intel i9 9900K with an MSI RTX 2018 ti and it works great on that. I am not so much an FPS guy as well going for the looks.
So here the manual.

There are some things you need to download first.

  • Of course the latest graphics drivers. I have the latest NVidia 441.41 version of that.
  • A modified version of the latest ReShade made by mLgz0rn. This version does makes Vulkan Reshade work. Don’t know who he did it but it works.
  • Info and download on
  • This file can be flagged as unsafe but it is a false-positive, it is totally safe to use.
  • This download is not required but I use it in my settings and it makes for great eye-candy. It’s a set of extra shaders for ReShade.
  • It’s called qUINT and it’s made by martymcmodding. Info and download on
  • The preset I made for download here called Reshade_Vulkan.ini. Again, not required but it can be used as a baseline … but of course also because it looks beautiful

The install steps:

  • If RDR2 is set to DirectX 12: run RDR2 and set it to Vulkan and stop RDR2.
  • Place the Reshade_Vulkan.ini file in your game directory there where RDR2.exe is.
  • Install the ReShade.Setup.exe, select RDR2.exe, then select Vulkan below that. Then do a download of all the offered shaders *exept* the MXAO.fx. This one conflicts with the qUINT MXAO below. You don’t need them all but it is fun to have and play with them if you want.
  • Then click on the Edit Reshade Settings, open the Preset part and point it towards the Reshade_Vulkan.ini file you placed in the main RDR2 directory.
  • Open the file and place all the files from the Shaders map into the “reshade-shaders”- directory that was created by the ReShade setup in your RDR2 directory.

And that’s it, RDR2 will can now use ReShade with Vulkan. When run, my Reshade_Vulkan preset will be loaded. Initially the normal key for the ReShade settings is the Home button but you can change that in the settings. I myself have the / key for the settings and the * key to toggle the effect On or Off.
The qUINT MXAO shader can give sometimes a bit weird result in heavy fog or when looking directly into the sun.

If you don’t want to use this all anymore, do the following to remove it all.

  • In your main RDR2 directory, remove the “reshade-shaders”-directory and these files: ReShade.ini and Vulkan_Reshade.ini
  • In C:\Users\\AppData\Local, remove the ReShade directory.

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  1. Meegja says:

    I see my mod made it here 🙂
    I do not have an account here.
    Seems that there are some problems with it I don’t have. The home key ReShade is using, conflicts for some users with the Social Club which also uses the home key.

  2. palland says:

    Well It crashed upon startup for me ?

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