RDR2 Badger Location

RDR2 Badger Location

Hunting is one of the main and arguably one of the best time passing activities that you can enjoy while playing RDR2, at least when you aren’t in a story mission. There’s a huge variety of animals to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, and one animal out of this variety is the badger. These animals are fairly easy to hunt once you spot them, but finding the RDR2 badger location is exactly what’s difficult in the first place. The badger locations Red Dead Redemption 2 has around its map are multiple. You won’t find them being animals exclusive to one area. If you’re looking to hunt them for pelts or for other hunting objectives and awards, we’ve given great tips on how you can find the Red Dead Redemption 2 badger location down below.

How to Easily Find Badgers in RDR2

One of the main things that you need to keep in mind is that the badgers are one of the smaller animals in the game, so it’s pretty easy to miss them even when they’re nearby. On top of this, you also have to remember that these are considered nocturnal animals, meaning that they’ll mainly only be appearing at night. This means that you should go to RDR2 badger locations only at night, as that’s the time when you’re most likely to find them.

Speaking of which, you’ll find these animals mainly in forests around creeks and rivers. Go to these at night and you’re likely to find one every single time. For a more specific answer, you’re likely to always find these near Dakota River, Aurora Basin, Mattock Pond, and other areas of the sort. Once you get to any of these badger locations RDR2 has across its map, you’ll be able to find and hunt them. As they’re relatively small, using the Varmint Rifle is a great way to cleanly finish them off in a single hit.

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